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Our Story

Vision Coatings started its journey as the internal finishing team at Sunview Patio Doors. Over the years, continual improvement in our quality and capabilities turned a small department into a world-class operation. Sunview's parent company, The Vision Group of Companies - started realizing that our services offer value to a wide range of window and door manufacturers and possibly others.

In late 2018, Visions Coatings Limited began as the newest member of the Vision Group, and we opened for business shortly after that in a new custom-built facility. Since then, we have significantly expanded our business and capacity through a strong base of existing customers and a fast-growing list of new clients.

Our production capabilities include two distinct types of operations. First is our conventional paint operation - this is how we began in the early days at Sunview. With a 2,000 square foot fully enclosed and ventilated spray booth, we can coat virtually any imaginable colour. Our advanced processes and expert technicians, and high-quality materials, let us create smooth, dust-free finishes.

To meet the increasing demand for dark colours and provide industry-leading turnaround times, we have pioneered the market with our 2 UV-ToughCoat production lines. This automation technology produces a finish that is 7x harder than conventional paints!

The Vision Group

The Vision Group is a customer-centric, technology-driven group of companies focused on the building products industry. Our founder and Chairman, Vic De Zen, has spent over 40 years in the manufacturing sector and is a recognized leader in the building products industry. Vision's products include a wide range of applications, including; columns, decking, fencing, railings, patio doors, steel doors, basement windows, custom profiles, and transportation.

Vision Coatings

Our Founder

Vic De Zen is one of Canada’s most prominent entrepreneurs, who serves as chairman of Vision Coatings Limited. Vic arrived in Canada in 1962 with $20 in his pocket and a dream. As a skilled Swiss-trained tool and die maker, he spoke no English but was eager to start work on his first day here. The Italian job market had dried up, and he had to borrow funds from his aunts for plane tickets to create a new life in Canada with his wife, Angelina.

From that first job on his first day installing television antennas, Vic, a natural-born entrepreneur, built a plastic conglomerate with 10,000 employees in over 40 countries.

Now, 48 years later, the energetic entrepreneur controls Vision Group of Companies. A multi-armed, vertically integrated group, Vision reaches deeply into PVC building products, manufacturing, industrial/commercial land development and construction, leasing and property management, transport, and hospitality.





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