UV ToughCoat Systems

The state-of-the-art finishing solution

The UV ToughCoat Difference

More than four years ago, we made a significant investment in a new revolutionary technology we call UV ToughCoat. At the time, we recognized two emerging trends in the marketplace that continue today.

The first was the growing demand from consumers for black, brown, and other dark shades for their door and window frames.  Ultraviolet (UV) rays, especially in hot climates, make long-lasting colour retention a challenge for most finishing options available today.

The other trend we saw was a desire for some of our customers for faster turn-around time for extensive runs of standardized products.
Along with many other benefits, UV ToughCoat addresses both of these requirements exceptionally well. Early in 2020, having reached our original system's full capacity, we installed a second UV ToughCoat production line in our new facility.

Our technology is an essential factor setting us apart from most competitors in the fenestration business. Our state-of-the-art UV ToughCoat lines offer a wide selection of colour and finishing options that stand the test of time. Here are just a few key reasons why this technology is so impressive:

  • A dust-free finish that's 7x harder than standard water-based processes
  • The coating allows for much lower heat absorption, making our products far more fade-resilient in hot, sunny climates
  • The vacuum application process creates a smooth, dust-free finish – producing straight, clean lines
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or Harmful Air Pollutants (HAPs)
  • Near-instantaneous curing results in a significant decrease in processing time

We recently performed an independent series of tests to see how our UV TouchCoat technology's heat absorption compares with other finishing processes. Download the summary report to see the results.